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Mr Crowe is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon. In addition, he has also specialized in General Surgery and Sports Medicine.
Mr Crowe seeks out the latest developments in orthopaedics, particularly in anterior hip replacement surgery, knee surgery and shoulder
surgery; and uses these new approaches alongside past and present procedures. Mr Crowe’s extensive knowledge of procedures and
treatments enable him to tailor treatment for each individual patient, surgical or non-surgical.
Mr Crowe specializes in hip replacement and has been using the anterior approach since 2007. This approach minimises damage to muscles
and tendons, resulting in a reliable and stable hip replacement and a less painful and quicker recovery.
Mr Crowe has acquired a vast knowledge in the use of orthobiological treatments for early degenerative joint disease. This often avoids or
delays more invasive and more painful surgery.
Mr Crowe was a pioneering Surgeon in the Articular Cartilage Resurfacing, known as MACI. MACI is used for articular cartilage defects in joints,
mostly the knee, shoulder and ankle. It has had excellent results in restoring damaged joints to near normal outcomes, and avoids artificial joint
replacements for many years.
Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee is one of the major problems in sports people. The development of a more biological repair
of the anterior cruciate ligament is being pioneered by Mr Crowe; this technique will be particularly suitable for fresh injuries and partial tears.
This is in keeping with overseas trends, where procedures to repair the native anterior cruciate ligament are becoming very popular.

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